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    Let us help you create a home you'll love. We offer decorating, organizing, real estate staging, unpacking/home set-up, and furniture and accessory shopping.



















  • about dan canavan

    Hint: He''ll make your place look better.

    Dan is a recent transplant to south Florida. He moved to Fort Lauderdale to escape the cold and enjoy the sunny weather in south Florida. While in Chicago, Dan was seen on TV and newspapers for his work in redesign (decorating with what you already own), decorating, and real estate staging. He had his first taste in real estate staging when his family was selling their Chicago home he grew up in. By helping to get the house ready for an open house by making what he thought were little changes-adding new accessories, decluttering, etc. buyers flocked to the home based on the photos and the home sold quickly. It was then Dan realized that you can give a room a totally new look with minor, inexpensive changes. And since that time, Dan has been making changes to people's homes. So whether you're selling your home, need an updated look, or you need some help organizing your space; let Dan and his team help create a place you'll love to call home.


  • Home Staging Services


    Get top dollar for your home with our staging services.

    Home Transformation works with homeowners and realtors to get occupied homes to look their best by removing certain furniture pieces, decluttering, and highlighting the best features of a home. We use the homeowners furniture and add updated accessories as needed.


    ​Consultation: $200.00 ( $300 for homes over 2,500 sf) 1.5-2 hours

    Dan will walk through your home and provide verbal recommendations to increase the likelihood your home will appeal to the most buyers. He will provide specific and detailed suggestions regarding room layout, furnishing to remove, decluttering, curb appeal, and decor. The homeowner can choose to implement the changes themselves or hire Home Transformation to make the changes.


    ​Home Staging Services: $50.00 an hour

    Home Transformation will declutter, depersonalize, remove some furniture, and rearrange furniture and accessories to prepare your home for Open Houses, and pre-photo shoots for the MLS listing of your home. Adding new linens, and accessories is often recommended for your home to look fresh and updated. We will shop for whatever is needed to ensure your home looks its best to attract top dollar.








    Redesign & Design Consultations

    sometimes a few new touches are all you need for a whole new look

    Room Redesign : $100.00 an hour


    Have you ever bought new furniture or home furnishings home from the store and eagerly unwrapped them or the delivery guys leave-you look around only to feel that disappointment and think to yourself:.​"It looked better in the store" . You're not alone. Sometimes you just need an expert to come in and "stage" what you have to make it look great.


    After a consultation to determine how you use a room, your challenges with the room, and learning about your design style, Dan may rearrange furniture and accessories, rehang artwork, uses furniture and furnishings from other rooms, declutter,etc. to give your room a new look and feel for under the cost of a new piece of furniture.

    (For reference, a typical living and dining room redesign takes 3 hours.)


  • Get Organized! G0

    Your home should be a tranquil respite from the world. Home by design will create that feeling in your home.


    Get Organized!


    It's time. If you're sick of looking for things, can't stand what you see when you open the drawer or cabinet. it's time. to GO!



    Organizing Services: $50 an hour






  • Unpack/Home Set up

    Let a team of professional organizers set up your home. We will do the hard work and you just have to wake up and realize its all been done for you.

    Moving is stressful. And exhausting. Let a professional organizer - and his team do the work for you. Your bed will be made, coffee maker out on the counter and everything else you'll need to start your new life in your new home.

    Home Transformation  will do it all for you:

    • Unwrap everything and make a list of broken items.
    • Put all items away.
    • Hang up and put away all clothes.
    • Organize the house and from the kitchen cabinets and pantry to the closets.
    • Set up your home including hanging shower curtain, and hanging your artwork.
  • Vacation Rental Set Up/Cleaning














    Do you have a home or condo that you need to decorate before listing it for a rental property? Home by design will create the perfect income-generating rental for you.


    Shopping/Staging your rental property: $75.00 an hour.

    Housecleaning: please call for a free estimate

  • Home Furnishings Shopping



    Whether you need a few new pieces or are starting over, Dan will work with you to give you a beautifully decorated space.


    Shopping (personal or online) &75.00 an hour

    Whether you are creating a comfy nest for yourself or you entertain large groups of friends, Home by design will help you create a space you'll love to call home. After discussing the look that you want to create for your home, furnishings will be selected and every detail will be considered to design the perfect space. You can spend a few hours shopping with Dan or go on a daylong shopping spree. And if shopping is not your thing or you don't have time; Dan will shop for you and select the perfect pieces.

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